Life Steps

Photo by George Becker from Pexels
When I was born it was late fall in 1995,
 The leaves on the trees morphed
 Changing colors until they descended from their limbs they called home
 Nature went to sleep as I began life.
 When I learned to read I sat on my Grampa’s lap,
 His plumber’s hands cracked a brittle from work
 turned the pages of my favorite fairytales.
 His warm voice wrapped me in worlds 
 I would soon explore
 Between the bindings
 When I went to Kindergarten I wore a pink dress and pigtails
 I was excited to learn about the worlds 
 I had discovered on my 
 Grandfather’s lap.
 I sat alone at the grey lunch table 
 with my peanut butter and jelly sandwich
 When I came out as gay 
 I was called “too pretty” and “too girly”
 But the way my girlfriend’s soft pink lips curl into a smile 
 Makes my heart beat against my ribs so fast.
 We read sometimes in each other’s arms. 
 The pages flipping and crinkling in her gentle hands.
 I smiled while being pushed into blue lockers
 When I got my acceptance letter to MCLA… I cried.
 Huge tears splashed onto the page
 With the blue logo at the top
 I packed five boxes of clothing
 And stepped onto the road of my dreams

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